A well-run and well-prepared sales process with the correct information, documents, and order of actions, constitute one of the most important success factors for a successful transaction. The legal advisors of seller and purchaser play a crucial role at that.

Nonetheless, even after all signatures have been placed, disputes can occur on the completion of the transaction. Sources of conflict that often occur include:
– the elaboration of an earn-out arrangement agreed between parties;
– the price formula for a next tranche of shares;
– a call upon guarantees and indemnifications provided by seller;
– the provision of incorrect or incomplete information by seller.
Our firm has broad experience in valuation matters with regard to disputes in case of sale and acquisition of a company. Within our firm, not only the expertise in the field of business valuation and M&A, but also the knowledge of and experience in accountancy (Registered Accountant) is available in order to advise you properly. Partners of our firm have been appointed several times as independent legal expert in the situations sketched.