Purchasing a company requires proper insight on the value of it. It is important to determine from which perspective the valuation takes place. Concepts such as going-concern, stand-alone, synergy, real-options, market value, and strategic value should be distinguished at that correctly. In consultation with the client exploitation scenarios can be calculated. This can result in insight and decisions with which the value of the enterprise can be increased. If you are a purchaser, this is to your advantage. If you are a seller, you want to bring this to the attention of potential purchasers, or may be first carry it out yourself.

It is important to have the valuation carried out expertly and independently by someone who is not too much involved in the enthusiasm or other emotions that ‘the deal’ entices. Sman Business Value is not the ‘deal-maker’ or typical ‘corporate finance’ company: the party that you can contact on a ‘no cure – no pay’ basis in order to purchase a company for you. It is our conviction that you are helped with independent advice. Whether you only contact us for the financial analysis, or subsequently involve us in the negotiations and completion of the transaction, is up to you to decide.

If you have serious plans for the sale of an enterprise and are looking for support at that, then please call us for an orienting introductory meeting.