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Sman Business Value works for entrepreneurs and shareholders. Often advisors to businesses are our clients and references as well. We are contacted by leading lawyers’ and accountants’ agencies.


Business Valuation

Sman Business Value makes the value of enterprises clear. That insight in value is of great importance for intermediate parties such as lawyers and accountants, but also for (financial) managing directors, entrepreneurs and shareholders.


Transaction advisory services

Financing, mergers, take-overs, and purchase/sale of enterprises or business units require professional and robust advice. In those situations, Sman Business Value provides transaction advisory services.


Economic damages assessment

Accountants, lawyers, and entrepreneurs encounter an expert partner in Sman Business Value for the assessment and foundation of damages claims based on economic value.


Our firm

Sman Business Value is a professional, independent service provider in the field of business valuation, transaction advisory services, and economic damages valuation. Since the foundation of Sman Business Value – over 30 years ago – our firm has carried out many assignments for medium and large companies (listed on the stock exchange and/or multinational), as well as for small and medium sized enterprises. Our clients originate from almost all industries.

We work for entrepreneurs and shareholders. But often, the advisors to businesses are our clients and references as well, such as leading lawyers’ and accounting firms. Apart from that, we act as experts for the judiciary.

Our partners are personally and deeply involved in the execution of our projects. This continuous attention offers our clients quality assurance.

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