Management boards and Board of Directors

Management Boards and Boards of Directors call upon Sman Business Value in case of mergers, collaborations, and joint ventures, both in the profit and the non-profit sector. Upon starting such a venture, an independent valuation often constitutes an indispensable point of departure.

Furthermore, Sman Business Value counsels transactions and advices in the field of financing, mergers, and take-overs, as well the sales of enterprises and business units. In situations in which extra care or a second opinion is required regarding the sale of an enterprise or an investment project, Sman Business Values provides for an independent assessment thereof.

Peter Hoiting, partner with Sman Business Value: “Insight in value is literally what it is about in our consultancy practice. By holding intense consultations with the entrepreneur, we provide a thorough valuation report. The valuation process results for all parties involved in a better insight in the value-determining factors and the risk-profile of the enterprise. Important sale and purchase decisions are thus presented in a different, definitely clarified daylight. In other words: insight in value!”