Chamber of Commerce

Partners of Sman Business Value regularly act as independent expert. Thus they are regularly appointed as court experts by the judiciary, for example by the Dutch Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam District Court, but also by many other district courts and courts of justice. Appointments as expert or arbitrator also take place by various Chambers of Commerce and the Dutch Arbitration Institute.

Appointments as expert via the Chamber of Commerce are normally related to valuation matters surrounding personal partnerships (general partnership (VOF), limited partnership (CV), legal partnership) as well as to valuations of enterprises and blocks of shares within the framework of the statutory blocking regulations.

Partners of Sman Business Value are registered as expert with the respective registers, such as the Dutch National Register of Legal Experts and DIX, the experts’ register of and for the judiciary for civil and administrative judicial procedures. We have experience in legal proceedings, carefully hearing both sides, and we understand the language of the judiciary.