Mediation is a form of conflict arbitration whereby parties, under the counselling of a mediator, together try to reach a solution to a problem that is acceptable to all parties involved. The mediator is trained in counselling negotiations. He or she does not judge, but only helps at finding a solution. The mediator is independent; both parties must trust him or her. Participation in mediation is voluntary, but not free of obligations. Parties must be prepared to jointly work on a solution.

Partners of Sman Business Value regularly act as independent expert. Thus they are regularly appointed as experts by the judiciary, for example by the Dutch Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam District Court, but also by many other district courts and courts of justice. Appointments as expert or arbitrator also take place by various Chambers of Commerce and the Dutch Arbitration Institute.

Sman Business Value also has experience in acting as independent expert within the framework of mediation procedures. Thereby one can think of the valuation of shares within the framework of statutory restrictions on the transfer of shares, or divorce, as well as economic damages assessment. In those situations, Sman Business Value does not act in the role as mediator, but provides an independent advice by assignment of parties and under the direction of the mediator.