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If you are negotiating on an enterprise without sound knowledge of the qualities and value of it, then you cannot do much more than awaiting bids and playing out bidders against each other. The more insight you have in what the value of the acquisition for potential buyers is, you can counterbalance during negotiations, indicate better which price you expect, and reach the correct offer sooner. We can support you at that:

– An estimate ‘going concern’ for the benefit of a private sale;
– Analysing how decisions regarding dismissal, continue of operations, cooling-down period and/or
potential continuity of (parts of) the enterprise influence the value of that enterprise;
– Determining what the valuable parts of the enterprise are, and for which type of purchaser;
– Build a bridge between short-term cash flow analyses (bankruptcy estate) and long-term cash flow expectations (continuity); Formulating a plan based on which if necessary estate credit can be attracted or a cooling-down period can be announced.

You may expect a short response time from us, with summarised and clear communication. Upon consultation the scope of our analyses will be determined, possibly including a ‘quick scan’.