Value management and investment issues

As non-executive director, supervisor, or managing director, you are presented with investment plans. Of course you should be able to form a sound judgement of the thoroughness of the proposal. However, investment selection is a relatively unknown field for many entrepreneurs. Sman Business Value can support you at that. For example with:
– Assessing investment strategies;
– Determining cost of capital (benchmark);
– Formulating and implementing procedures regarding the investment selection;
– Calculations of investments and alternatives.

Sman Business Value happily acts as your critical eye and sparring partner in case of major investment decisions.

Value management is of importance for enterprises that concentrate on value creation or must be made ready for sale. Value management provides insight in the current value and the potential value of an enterprise. What is the enterprise worth in case the policy does not change, and how would the value develop if optimisations of this policy were introduced? Value management provides entrepreneurs with tools: what determines the value development of the enterprise? Therewith the client is provided with the tools to actually concentrate on value creation.

Within Sman Business Value, the knowledge and experience are available to advise adequately. If you are involved in an important decision on a business plan that you want to have tested and/or calculated, then please call us for an introductory meeting.