Upon discontinuation of a marriage in which one or both partners are active as entrepreneur, a business valuation can be required in the division and settlement of the marital capital.

The business valuation is translated into financial terms as the economic value of future cash flows. Furthermore, other aspects surrounding the divorce have to be taken into account, such as labour remuneration and pension claims. Also, often an assessment needs to be made to which extent liquidities from the enterprise can be withdrawn in order to reach a suitable settlement.

In order to be able to make a sound assessment of the negotiating position in legal consultations and/or in legal proceedings, a specialised lawyer is of course needed. On the other hand, the lawyer or judge cannot do without proper financial insights and valuation knowledge. Our firm has broad experience in valuation matters within the framework of divorces. We act as independent experts, often appointed by the judiciary, but also as consultant to one of the parties. Apart from that, as experts we have regularly been involved in arranging for amicable, extra-judicial solutions, among other things via mediation.

Within Sman Business Value, the knowledge and experience are available to advice adequately. If you are involved in a divorce in which the capital of the enterprise plays a role as a lawyer or interested party, then please call us for an introductory meeting.