Personal partnerships

Valuation matters with regard to personal partnerships (such as a general partnership, limited partnership, or legal partnership) are often concentrated on the entry or exit of a partner or the valuation of an enterprise to be introduced to the partnership. Thereby, often a specific difference is made between the valuation of goodwill and other capital assets.

With regard to entry or exit, parties in the partnership contract have mostly agreed upon specific stipulations. Sometimes those stipulations also encompass valuation regulations. Nonetheless, these situations can cause a source for disputes with regard to the basic assumptions and method to be used. For those situations, the partnership contract mostly provides for an arbitration clause, or an expert advice (either binding or not).

Our firm has broad experience regarding valuation matters within the framework of personal partnerships. We act as independent expert, sometimes appointed by parties jointly, or for example by the judiciary, the chairperson of the Chamber of Commerce, or the Dutch Arbitration Institute.

Within Sman Business Value, the knowledge and experience are available to advice adequately. If you are involved in the valuation of a personal partnership, then please call us for an introductory meeting.