Sman Business Value makes use of a strict policy of confidentiality. This means that references and client names, apart from assignments that are already in the open, will never be mentioned.

Generally speaking, we can indicate that our firm has advised on various bankruptcy matters. Cases included among other things the valuation by assignment of curators of parts of enterprises to be transferred (from bankruptcy). By assignment of Management Boards and Boards of Directors we have also carried out valuations of healthy business parts within the framework of restructuring and turn-around. In view of possible management liability, it is of importance that such transactions take place on market based conditions, and a well documented valuation. Furthermore, as court experts we have experience with the assessment of transactions preceding bankruptcy (within the framework of possible actio pauliana and management liability).
Within Sman Business Value, the knowledge and experience are available to advice adequately. If you are involved in a suspension of payments of (threatening) bankruptcy matter as a lawyer or interested party, then please call us for an introductory meeting.