Second opinion and fairness opinion

Second opinions and fairness opinions are required in situations where the parties involved require an assessment on the question whether the intended transfer of an enterprise or part of the enterprise takes place against conditions in conformity with the market.Sman Business Value assesses in those cases the intended decisions as well as the effects on the various stakeholders.

Concretely this can concern a transfer of enterprise within family circles (“from father to son”). Both the tax department and possibly non-allotted children and heirs have an interest that the transaction is in conformity with the market.

One can also think of a restructuring of enterprises or parts of enterprises in view of a threatening suspension of payments or bankruptcy. Sman Business Value enables the accountant and other consultants to remain neutral in such cases.

Sman Business Value is independent and not associated with any other business service provider. The firm does not provide tax advice to its clients. As far as available, our firm will closely collaborate with the tax advisors of the client or, if required, refer to third parties in consultation with the client.