As owner or co-owner of an enterprise it will suit you well to timely think about your ‘exit’. Do your children want to take over? Do you have co-shareholders that play a role in this? Or will you go ‘to the market’?

In all those cases you need someone who thinks along with you, who can present you with the choices and loopholes based on his or her experience. Apart from that, it is important that you obtain a realistic view on the value of your company. Often it is possible – if the approaching sale is timely recognised – to still make steps that positively influence the value and/or sale-ability of the company.

For those matters you can address us. Please call us for an introductory meeting. We are happy to share our thoughts with you, also in case your intentions of a possible sale have not completely materialised yet. After all, timely preparation and thorough orientation are of great importance.