Sale of an enterprise

A sale process regularly starts because a competitor or another strategic enterprise approaches you as managing director (owner) of an enterprise with the question whether they can take over your company. First orientating discussion can appear to be promising, and before you know the sales course has started and important information is handed over.

As seller you should take into account that the potential purchaser will may be try to do anything to obtain your company against the lowest price, best conditions, and highest guarantees.

During each phase of the sales course, from the first contact, exchange of information, price agreement, letter of intent, due diligence, up to the closing at the notary’s, the purchaser can produce arguments and findings with the objective to obtain a lower price or an extra guarantee.

A well-run and well-prepared sales process with the correct information, documents, and order of actions, therefore constitute one of the most important success factors for a successful transaction. You should thereby also ask yourself whether a sales process whereby several parties are approached for you does not result in a higher price and better conditions, and can provide more guarantees for the continuity of the enterprise and that of your employees. Apart from that, an independent advisor also plays an important role when for example the sales process goes more difficult and emotions start to play an important role, or when the concurrence of the sales course and your normal activities result in such burden to you that you cannot function optimally anymore.

As independent and experienced consultant we can help you with the sale of your company. We thereby do not operate on a ‘no cure – no pay’ basis. It is our conviction that you are better off with an independent advice – whether this concerns the value of the company, or the reasonability of a certain plan or proposal.

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