Buy-out of co-shareholder

Upon the discontinuation of collaboration between shareholders, it is necessary to establish the value of the enterprise or the block of shares to be transferred. Contacting an expert valuator can contribute to reaching a solution that is acceptable for all parties. The valuation can be carried out on assignment of one of the parties involved, or as a (either or not) binding advice to both parties.
Sman Business Value has broad experience in buy-out situations between shareholders, both in the role as consultant to one of the parties and in the position as independent expert. Partners of our firm are regularly appointed by the judiciary as court expert for solving shareholders’ disputes. We remain realistic and businesslike at that.

Should parties not be able to amicably reach agreement on the price of a block of shares, then the articles of incorporation of the company normally provide for regulations whereby the price should be established by one or more independent experts. Our membership of the Dutch Institute for Register Valuators and registration with the Dutch National Register for Legal Experts sees to it that a valuation that is made by Sman Business Value can also be used in case of possible legal proceedings, and can serve as a foundation thereto.