G. (Guido) Rooijackers, MSc, RC, RV


Guido Rooijackers


Guido Rooijackers (1970) studied financial business economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In 1995 he started working for R. Sman Advies B.V., and has since then been involved in a huge number of assignments. Since 2002 he is a partner of Sman Business Value.

Guido Rooijackers completed the post-doctoral education for Registered Controller at the University of Amsterdam, with research on the application of ‘ECONOMIC VALUE ADDED’ at business valuations.

In 2001, he obtained the qualification of Registered Valuator after completing the Business Valuation education at the Rotterdam School of Management.

Guido Rooijackers followed the education for court expert at Leiden University, and has since then been registered with the Dutch National Register of Legal Experts. From 2006 through 2012 he was member of the board and secretary of the Dutch Institute for Registered Valuators professional association.

Guido Rooijackers regularly acts as (legal) expert in the field of Business valuation and economic damages assessment, among other things for the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. As court expert, Guido Rooijackers has advised in sizable buy-out procedures such as Gucci and IFCO Systems. Furthermore, together with his co-partner Peter Hoiting, he has assisted twelve law firms in the proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber regarding the indemnification of investors in SNS REAAL (bank).

E. guido.rooijackers@sman.nl
T. (+31) (0) 648 260 556