Economic damages assessment

If a party is of the opinion to have been treated disadvantageously because of failure or illegal action, the question arises what the scope of the damage is. The economic damage is usually expressed in the form of financial loss or damages from lost profits or yields.

Sman Business Value has the necessary expertise available for establishing the scope of economic damages within the framework of legal proceedings. This expertise deviates at essential issues from the standard economic valuation that is observed for the sale or acquisition of an enterprise. Legal concepts such as causality, responsibility, consequential damage, and lost yields should be interpreted well so that they can be translated into and applied to the financial calculation. Normally speaking, this requires teamwork between the enterprise, lawyer, and valuator.

However: damages investigations require more than just a calculation. High requirements are set to the written report of the investigation with regard to foundation, especially with regard to causality, documentation, and argumentation. Contacting an expert party is therefore crucial.

Within Sman Business Value, broad knowledge and experience are available with large-scale damages investigations with significant financial interests, both in the role of party consultant and in the role of independent, legal expert. If you are involved in a damages matter as a lawyer or interested party, then please call us for an introductory meeting.