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Sman Business Value supports special Dutch ensembles

Sman Business Value works for entrepreneurial organisations. It recognises itself in the need that people have to personally and professionally develop themselves. For Sman Business Value, that involvement does not end at our national borders. In Sri Lanka small, poverty-stricken entrepreneurs face the limitations that official banks impose on them. After all, their creditworthiness is often very limited. Unfortunately, little less is left for them than to either not invest, or seek refuge from profiteers, with all the consequences that brings.

In order to still provide Sri Lankan entrepreneurs with the opportunity to develop and improve their small companies and therewith the standard of living of their families, the aid organisation FHP (Family Help Programme) and a Sri Lankan partner have since recently provided so-called micro-credits. Those small loans can be spent during a period of three years against acceptable interest rates. Thus excellent craftsmen can for example manufacturing spare parts for bicycles. Others acquire a cow, or a sowing machine. Real opportunities for entrepreneurs therefore – thanks to the effective use of micro-credits. Small-scale help therefore, yet still help with great results.

FHP can count on the material support of Sman Business Value when providing micro-credits. We find that from our social responsibility, value development is indeed of the utmost important in countries such as Sri Lanka. We find that we, from our privileged position, should contribute to this as entrepreneurs amongst each other, so to speak.

Also an insight in value that we just wanted to share with you.

More information you can find at: www.fhpholland.nl

Sman Business Value supports special Dutch ensembles